It's quite funny actually - it wasn't the water cooler, it was their four year old boys that started this conversation.  A couple of moms meeting because their sons became the best of friends.  It's kind of cool when you watch your kids find their kindred spirits, but much more unusual for the parents to click as well.

Shanna and Laura were so pleased to find that they both shared a love for sketching, writing children's books and an overall passion for creativity. They both also shared the 'want' to turn their passion into a business.

The brainstorming sessions were nothing short of hilarious.  Believe it or not, the ideas for children's artwork, cute bedroom decor, and wall art were flowing like a waterfall, but the generation of the brand name was quite the feat.

After about two weeks of hemming and hawing and pulling random words out of a hat, together, they came up with Lama and Pig.  Totally random, but nonetheless, they were completely over the moon with this combination of animals and the adorable possibilities it presented for a brand both present and future.

Enjoy your journey as you follow along in the adventures of Lama and Pig, discovering the potential that this new found brand has to offer for decor enthusiast, creative minds, interior designers and mom and dads everywhere.

Welcome to Lama and Pig. You won't regret it.